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3rd septembre 2015

Do you know what's in the beauty products you use?

When you use a beauty product do you ever think about the ingredients in it? Unless you have a degree in cosmetic science, the chances are you probably don’t so when it comes to buying organic beauty the shopping stakes are even higher. The Soil Association's Emma Reinhold explains how to avoid the fake organic beauty products on the market.

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20th août 2015

Changing the face of the world; growing herbs for healing the whole

The current global environmental crisis is common knowledge. Sebastian Pole proposes that converting our primary medical healthcare systems to include Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) as a central part of the health system can have a massive impact on the health of the environment as well as on the health of society.

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18th juin 2015

Flourishing fertility

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of health and well-being, has an empowering approach to optimising male and female fertility. It gives you insights to balance and boost your sexual and reproductive strength.

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