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City of Trees, Planting Outdoor Classrooms

City of Trees is making Manchester healthier and happier by planting woodlands, orchards and street trees. Its goal is to plant a tree for every man, woman and child, to take its total to as many as three million. It’s also planning to bring 2,000 hectares of unmanaged woodland back into use for the community.

The charity delivers projects, such as working with landowners to manage woodlands and find sites for news ones; creating orchards and bringing local residents together to look after them, and planting street trees to uplift and rejuvenate the urban environment. It even plants trees in schools to make outdoor classrooms!

Image for City of Trees, Planting Outdoor Classrooms

The charity plans to plant 60,000 trees in primary schools in two years

Over the next two years, City of Trees is undertaking a big project that involves the planting of 60,000 trees in primary schools. The ‘Trees for Learning’ project is being supported by the Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture and the charity is raising additional funds to enable it to do more work with schools and make sure young people enjoy the benefits of outdoors education.

In addition to tree planting, the charity wants to deliver sessions in schools that help young people connect to the natural world and get the most out of their new outdoor classrooms. It also wants to work with teachers, to give them the skills they need to deliver high quality outdoor education sessions that meet curriculum requirements and support cognitive development in young people.

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