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Here's to a beautiful FairWild world

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There’s an old Hindu proverb that says, “Help your brother’s boat across, and your own will reach the shore”. In many ways, this wisdom captures the very essence of FairWild.

With one in five wild plant species under threat from over-harvesting and habitat loss, the need for change has never been greater.

The FairWild certification is about protecting the magic of wild plant species and the beauty of their natural habitats, whilst respecting deeply rooted traditions and cultures and helping support the livelihoods of the communities that depend on them.

For us here at Pukka, FairWild is an exciting and essential initiative – it allows us to strengthen our relationships with the incredible collectors who work hard to bring the power of herbs to others. But, just as importantly, FairWild gives our customers a unique opportunity to join this ‘virtuous circle’ simply by enjoying teas blended with incredible FairWild Herbs.

Conserving nature’s most precious gifts

The FairWild logo on any of our teas or supplements provides a guarantee that they are blended with plants responsibly sourced from the wild, and that the collectors have been paid fairly for their work.

Under the FairWild certification, a collector who may have traditionally dug up an entire plant to harvest its roots is required to leave some of the plant in the ground, to allow it to grow again the following year.

Similarly, collectors who would have harvested an entire area of herbs under previous practices, are incentivised by FairWild to leave some of the population untouched, allowing the remaining plants to mature and naturally regenerate.

Rewarding incredible, hard-working people

We’re very fortunate to be currently working with FairWild growers in India, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Spain, Bosnia and Georgia.

To reflect and respect the extra effort and time that FairWild sustainable herb collection requires, individual FairWild collectors are paid a premium price.

An additional amount – known as the FairWild premium – is paid to the collectors’ cooperative, to be spent on social and environmental projects for the local community.

This wholesome exchange of one good turn for another, gives collectors a strong and meaningful incentive to look after wild plant populations; thereby conserving the long-term survival of plant species and their habitats, along with the cultures and livelihoods of the communities who rely on them. 

Keep the wild in you

Thank you for being part of this positive change, helping to protect wild plants and the communities that rely on them by choosing to enjoy teas blended with incredible FairWild herbs.

To find out other ways you can help spread the word about FairWild, follow on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also explore ongoing issues through the official FairWild website and online toolkit and stay connected to where the ingredients in products you buy come from. If you’re not sure, ask your supermarket, local shop or favourite brand.

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Bonjour. Je suis le co-fondateur et maître-herboriste de Pukka Herbs. En plus de m’occuper de la création de tous nos thés, infusions et compléments alimentaires bios, je suis un écologiste passionné. C'est pourquoi nous sommes 100% bio, pionniers dans l'approvisionnement responsable avec FairWild et pourquoi nous reversons 1% de notre chiffre d'affaires annuel pour la protection de la planète. J’ai également depuis 1998 mon propre cabinet de Naturopathie à Bath. Je pratique un mélange éclectique de phytothérapie ayurvédique, chinoise et occidentale et je suis membre de l’Ayurvedic Practitioners Association’, ‘Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine’ et du ‘Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners’.J'adore utiliser les principes de l'Ayurveda (l'art de vivre avec sagesse) - associés à des connaissances sur la guérison traditionnelle et la science moderne - pour apporter les meilleures solutions naturelles aux problèmes de santé. Marqué par mes séjours en Inde, j'adore cuisiner végétarien et je pratique régulièrement le yoga. Je suis passionné par notre mission, d’apporter le pouvoir des plantes biologiques au plus grand nombre à travers une entreprise engagée, génératrice de bien. Je vis dans une ferme du Somerset au Royaume-Uni où je cultive de nombreuses plantes médicinales pour le plus grand bonheur des abeilles et de ma famille.

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