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All you need is Love

One of the great things about Pukka Planet is its ability to tell some of the stories behind the teas. Even more so because we have many authors on this site and when a story is a little personal and the subject of that story a little bashful, we can go right ahead and tell it instead. 

Love tea, with it’s beautiful pink and gold design and intoxicating but delicate blend of organic rose, chamomile, elderflower and lavender also carries with it a story of love.

You might think that Sebastian shuts himself away in some laboratory – forever testing and boiling in a sea of scientific instruments. Well he does do a little of that. But much of the time he spends in his incredible herb garden and his kitchen. Trying out different herbal blends until he finds exactly the right combination. It’s why every Pukka tea is indeed made with love. But the Love tea? That’s a slightly different matter.

Because Sebastian made it specifically as a gift to win over his lovely partner, now wife, Suze Pole. So it is a tea, made with love, dedicated to love and called Love. How lovely is that?

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Je supervise le marketing et la communication de Pukka à travers le monde- de la création de nos emballages à celle de nos sites Web avec l'aide d'une équipe talentueuse. J'essaie de maintenir la voix et l’identité unique et belle de Pukka. Je vis dans une ferme du nord du Somerset avec ma belle famille. Un de mes plus grands plaisirs est de me balader dans la campagne et de collecter les merveilles de la nature pour cuisiner. En tant que directeur marketing, je suis juste ici pour aider à connecter autant de personnes que possible au merveilleux pouvoir des plantes biologiques.

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